megasoft: May 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

Palm's Pre or iPhone?

Multitasking is conspicuously absent in the iPhone 3.0 operating system, although there have been rumors that Apple is speeding the feature to market. iPhone 3.0 devices are expected to be announced within the next 90 days and the new OS will also be an upgrade to current models.

While the WebOS-based Pre will have a multitasking leg up on Apple at its June 6 introduction, Apple could knock another leg out from under the new smartphone even before the Pre launches.

The Pre gains iTunes compatibility by telling the desktop app that it is an iPhone that doesn't understand Apple's copy-protection. This allows the Pre to download content that isn't copy protected, including iTunes Plus and music that users have uploaded themselves.

Counting on Apple to continue offering a feature it doesn't really need, in this case the ability to not download copy-protected music that the iPhone can play but Pre cannot, seems risky.

Making Pre a less-than-adequate iTunes client probably doesn't work in the long run, but locking out other phones has always been Apple's policy. Will the Pre change that? Not if Apple sees value in kicking its new competitor in the knees.

Also, many users already have large collections of copy-protected iTunes songs, purchased from the Music Store, that the Pre is unlikely to ever be able to play.

In this battle of dueling features, Palm may have the stronger position, but shouldn't count on Apple helping its Pre trounce the iPhone.

"Up" - New Disney/Pixar movie is coming soon!

From title to trailers, "Up" appears to be light as air. But there's an unapologetically dark streak to this story, which begins when two young adventurers meet in the 1930s.

In an exquisite montage, we watch Carl and Ellie grow up, fall in love, and settle down. But their fairytale romance includes some very real heartbreaks, and unfulfilled dreams.

Saddest of all is the day Carl (voiced by Ed Asner) is left a widower. To honor his beloved, he decides to visit South America, as they'd always planned.

Carl travels by air, and like the rest of the beautifully-rendered 3-D images, his takeoff is worth your ticket price alone. Affixing thousands of multihued balloons to his house, he lifts off and enters the sky, only to discover a stowaway: Russell (Jordan Nagai), a neglected 8-year-old who could use a father figure.

Being a cranky loner, Carl has no use for company. Russell, however, isn't the kind of kid to take a hint. Once in South America, they're beset by a pack of furious dogs hunting a rare, ostrich-like bird.

The dogs belong to Charles Muntz (Christopher Plummer), an explorer obsessively determined to capture the bird. As soon as you see this adorable creature, you'll understand why Russell refuses to let that happen.

Filmmakers Pete Docter and Bob Peterson find a near-ideal balance between sweetness and sentimentality (though parents should definitely take that PG rating to heart).

Every detail, from the hairs on Carl's chin to the lovely, lingering score, has been tended to by a Pixar perfectionist.

If there's any oversight, it's that girls will find themselves curiously underrepresented in yet another of Pixar's grand adventures.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Microsoft is releasing the Zune HD

"This device is created to go head to head with the iPod Touch," Chris Stephenson, general manager of global marketing for Microsoft Zune, said. A new, touch-screen Zune will be able to surf the Web, play high-definition movies, and tune in to digital radio.
Device will be available in the U.S. only starting this fall.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No DRM anymore!

Almost all music and video files are still DRM-protected.
But customers are getting unsatisfied with DRM scheme and demanding it's cancellation.
For example, there were created Anti-DRM T-Shirts which you may to buy say your NO DRM!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nokia opens Ovi online store

Nokia aims to follow the success of Apple's App Store with its new offering.

More than 50 Nokia devices are supported at launch, and users can buys apps and mobile content either using their credit cards or through operator billing option, which is available in Australia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Singapore, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Twitter is coming to a television.

Twitter(social-networking and micro-blogging service) is developing the first TV series that incorporates Twitter into the action of the show.
The partners of the project become production companies Reveille ("The Office") and Brillstein Entertainment Partners ("Samantha Who?").
Creator of the show that has no title yet, novelist Amy Ephron(sister of Nora and Delia Ephron), says that the show will feature ordinary people competing while on the trail of celebrities.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Cannes winner - Haneke's 'The White Ribbon'

“The White Ribbon” (”Das Weisse Band“)is directed and written by Michael Haneke.
The movie stars Susanne Lothar, Ulrich Tukur, Theo Trebs, Michael Schenk, Leonie Benesch, Josef Bierbichler, Rainer Bock, Christian Friedel, Burghart Klaussner, Steffi Kuhnert and Ursina Lardi.

Some reviews:

“…The film works on several levels – as a story of hypocritical adults and their unbalanced children, a picture of patriarchal community life and a snapshot of how 20th century Germany was shaped…
“…Of course, this being Haneke, there is nothing as simple as a reveal in which the culprits are unveiled. Instead, he takes pleasure in the tensions along the way and the catastrophic repression behind every sentence uttered. The villagers of The White Ribbon are quite the most disturbed ensemble of characters to emerge from a film-maker’s mind in some years…
“…But all is not as straightforward as it seems. The possibility that the children themselves have become monsters bears chilling implications for the events which will take place in Germany over the following 30 years.” ScreenDaily

“Pairing visual mastery with a quietly immersive story, “The White Ribbon” plays like a morbid version of “Our Town,” patiently revealing the inward discord beneath the surface of a settled community. It’s a frightening depiction of mortality.” IndieWire

“…This dark, dark indictment of the Protestent German psyche in a small rural village as Europe hurtles to war should be a must-see for arthouse audiences everywhere…” Screen DailyBlog - Fionnuala Halligan

Google Chrome 2.0 released

The web browser is now officially out of beta.
I really like Chrome interface and I heard it's the fastest browser but...I'm not ready to be a Google products tester :D

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I love apple )))

UEFA cup final - Shakhtar celebrates the victory over Werder

Triumphant Shakhtar seize the day!!!
I downloaded a lot of video with TuneCab Universal suite (TuneCab Online Video Catcher + TuneCab Media Converter)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

iPhone + YouTube

iPhone keeps you entertained with a YouTube application that opens right from the Home screen, so you can watch YouTube wherever you are. Videos load fast over 3G or Wi-Fi. Find a video you like? Bookmark it or share it with a friend.
You can Email your favorite videos to your favorite people. Tap the Share button on any YouTube video detail page and iPhone creates an email with the video link already in it.

iPhone 3G. What's new ?

3G technology gives iPhone fast access to the Internet and email over cellular networks around the world. iPhone 3G also makes it possible to do more in more places: Surf the web, download email, get directions, and watch video — even while you’re on a call.