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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No DRM anymore!

Almost all music and video files are still DRM-protected.
But customers are getting unsatisfied with DRM scheme and demanding it's cancellation.
For example, there were created Anti-DRM T-Shirts which you may to buy say your NO DRM!


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  2. :)))) nice picture

    DRM is still a major problem in the online music and video industry. I hate DRM, and I’m sure 99% of the people reading this agree with me - DRM sucks. The only benefit is for the record

    companies, so that their music cannot be shared on file sharing/BitTorrent websites. It brings the user absolutely no benefits, and many drawbacks - including limiting what you can do

    with your music/video in almost every way possible. Whether it’s putting the file on your mobile phone, or wanting to use it on more than five computers.

    Thanks for blog! (=

  3. Nice!
    Apple did the first step beginning to sell DRM-free music in iTunes. Hope this would be an example for all online media stores an recording labels.