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Thursday, April 15, 2010

How to convert music and video to iPad

If you are the one of the first iPad lucky owners you may want to transfer some of your favorite movies and music to it. Of course you can get them from the iTunes store, but what if you already have them on your PC, but cannot transfer them to iPad due to the files formats incompatibility. So you need a files format converter.
Converter TuneCab is good for this.
All you need is to launch TuneCab on your PC and choose files you want to convert. Conversion will start automatically and after few of minutes you can transfer converted files to iPad and enjoy them!
Note that TuneCab will convert even protected files you've bought from other stores.
TuneCab is useful not only for files conversion - it has YouTube Ripper plug-in which downloads YouTube video and save it to your PC. Than you can convert it to any formats.
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