megasoft: 50 Cent Brings Back Hard-Core Hip-Hop

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

50 Cent Brings Back Hard-Core Hip-Hop

This is what he says about his plans: "What I fell in love with initially ain't even in the mutha----in' art form anymore. It's cool because there's an opportunity for me to become [that] to a whole new generation ... because of their age group, they're not aware of it.
"Now I gotta shift the energy," 50 added. "I gotta make them follow me. After they follow me, they'll be able to make real hip-hop records and make them successful. I have to have a successful project with really good hip-hop music to make these people go, 'OK, we can make [a real hip-hop album].' I have to be successful to make the record companies go, 'We can support this guy that wrote a rap album' instead of feeling like 'We need him to go on this record with Ne-Yo or Dream. Get somebody on there to do the hook.' That's the concept of what they feel they can present to the public and that's not what the f--- I was going on when I started."

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