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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Budget shopping tips: MP3 players (from

If you’re on a budget & shopping for a fresh MP3 player, here are a not many general tips for locking down a suitable,satisfactory deal.

First & foremost, do some math so you is able to obtain a realistic idea of how a lot storage you will need for all the music, photos, & movie you wish for to obtain on the go. The less storage you need, the cheaper the price. If an MP3 player includes a slot for memory expansion, you is able to always increase the capacity down the road.

Also, be realistic of the functions you need. MP3 players that assistance movie playback are fun at first, yet not many people possess the period to transfer & view movie on a regular basis. You is able to discover excellent audio-only MP3 players for under $50, yet a decent video-capable device is hard to discover for less than $100.

If you’re specifically shopping for an iPod,
you’re going to possess a tougher period snagging a bargain. Apple holds a tight leash on prices, & sales are scant. You is able to always shop Apple’s selection of refurbished iPods, available straight through the company’s online store. College students & faculty is able to in addition obtain advantage of Apple’s annual Back to School promotion, which obtains location June through August, & typically offers specially priced bundles of iPods & Mac computers.

Back-to-school sales aside, we recommend not buying an MP3 player in late summer if you’re after the latest & greatest tech. Apple & Microsoft typically release their fresh models in the fall. That said, if you’re OK with being a step behind, summer sales is able to be a excellent manner to snap up deals as stores clear their shelves of final year’s models.

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